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Water Resources Engineering

Faculty and a student making water quality measurements in nearby Jordan Lake. Left to right: Dr. Dan Obenour, Dr. Robyn Smyth (faculty colleague from Bard College), MS student Jeremy Smithheart, and Dr. Tarek Aziz.

Management and protection of both fresh and estuarine surface waters requires understanding the hydrodynamics of the system and associated chemical and biological processes. Students selecting this area are encouraged to take a broad range of courses providing fundamentals in these areas. In addition to courses in engineering and sciences, a number of environmental management and policy courses complement this study area.

Suggested Core Courses

  • CE 584 Hydraulics of Ground Water
  • CE 586 Engineering Hydrology
  • CE 588 Water Resources Engineering
  • CE 596 Fluid Mechanics in Natural Environments
  • CE 775 Modeling and Analysis of Environmental Systems
  • CE 796 Hydroclimatology

Suggested Core Electives

  • CE 583 Engineering Aspects of Coastal Processes
  • CE 596 Coastal Hydrodynamics
  • CE 772 Environmental Exposure and Risk Analysis
  • CE 776 Advanced Water Management Systems
  • CE 784 Ground Water Contaminant Transport
  • CE 791 Complex Adaptive Systems Analysis
  • CE 796 Statistical Methods

Suggested Technical Electives

  • CE 536 Introduction to Numerical Methods for Civil Engineers
  • CE 537 Computer Methods and Applications
  • CE 571 Physical Principles of Environmental Engineering
  • CE 574 Chemical Principles of Environmental Engineering
  • CE 583 Engineering Aspects of Coastal Processes
  • CE 596 Introduction to Coastal and Ocean Engineering
  • BAE 573 Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling
  • BAE 574 DRAINMOD: Theory and Application
  • BAE 575 Design of Structural Stormwater BMPs
  • BAE 576 Watershed Monitoring and Assessment
  • BAE 581 Open Channel Hydraulics for Natural Systems
  • BAE 584 Intro to Fluvial Geomorphology
  • BAE(SSC) 771 Theory of Drainage–Saturated Flow
  • BAE(SSC) 774 Theory of Drainage–Unsaturated Flow
  • PB 762 Applied Coastal Ecology
  • FOR 784 The Practice of Environmental Impact Assessment
  • MEA 540 Principles of Physical Oceanography
  • MEA(GIS) 582 Geospatial Modeling and Analysis
  • MEA 700 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
  • MEA 745 Physical Dynamics of Estuaries
  • NR 500 Natural Resource Management
  • PRT(NR) 531 Introduction to Geographic Information Science
  • PRT(NR) 532 Principles of Geographic Information Science
  • PRT(NR) 533 Application Issues In Geographic Information Systems
  • PRT 562 Principles of Geographic Information Systems
  • PRT 764 Advanced Study In Geographic Information Systems
  • ZO 519 Limnology