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NC State student chapter of COPRI organizes local stream cleanup

The NC State student chapter of Coasts, Oceans, Ports & Rivers Institute (COPRI) organized a stream cleanup of Lake Raleigh. Members picked up trash around the lake and surrounding parks, trails, and wooded areas. The group of about 10 volunteers collected waste in their efforts to preserve the environment surrounding Lake Raleigh.

“Participating in events like the COPRI Stream Cleanup is important for our members,” said Nicole Arrigo, a graduate student. “This initiative goes beyond the simple act of picking up trash; it signifies a collective effort to preserve the beauty and well-being of Lake Raleigh and its surroundings and serves as a reminder of the responsibility we bear in preserving the world around us.”

COPRI also recently played a pivotal role in co-hosting a virtual Global Change Science Seminar. COPRI President Thomas Thelen served as a facilitator and COPRI Treasurer Jenero Knowles as a session organizer. The event featured a panel of distinguished guests discussing the translation of science from research to application to adaptation. Panelists included former CCEE Assistant Professor Elizabeth Sciaudone, a coastal engineer with Moffatt & Nichol; Timothy Glotfelty, a researcher at the NC State Climate Office; and Jeffrey Beane, a herpetology expert at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Addressing the question of how scientific research can be effectively translated into applications in the physical world, the seminar explored the post-publication space that acts as a bridge between experimental findings and tangible, real-world impacts. The discussion encompassed challenges and adaptation strategies across broad disciplines.