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CCEE’s Jeremiah Johnson wins Outstanding Teacher Award from NC State

Jeremiah Johnson

Associate Professor Jeremiah Johnson was selected as a university-level recipient of the NC State 2022-23 Outstanding Teacher Award and will become a member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers. He was recognized at a University Teaching Awards Luncheon and Ceremony on April 21 at the Park Alumni Center. The award recognizes excellence in teaching at all levels. 

“Both your peers and students recognize your commitment to creative and innovative teaching and learning practices,” said NC State Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Warwick Arden. 

Johnson joined CCEE in 2017 as an associate professor and as part of the faculty cluster focusing on Sustainable Energy Systems and Policy. He teaches courses related to sustainable engineering, life cycle assessment, and energy systems analysis.

“Dr. Johnson is a role-model teacher,” said CCEE Assistant Professor Angela Harris, who has co-taught classes with Johnson. “He is kind and considerate but also challenges students. He is responsive to student needs, and very engaging in class, often drawing laughter from jokes he integrates into his lectures. Students connect with him and know he cares about their learning of complex material and important skills to address challenges facing society today and in the future.”

CCEE alum Joe Hollingsworth had Johnson as an advisor and professor while earning his master’s degree. He said Johnson was very knowledgeable about the subjects he taught and was a spectacular teacher in many aspects.

“He has the ability to challenge students to think critically about the subject while also making the class so much fun to attend,” Hollinsworth said. “I can say with confidence that this was not just graduate students who may be naturally more interested in coursework, but all the students truly enjoyed the subjects he taught and his way of teaching. I have been told countless times, without surprise, that Dr. Johnson is a favorite professor of both undergraduates and graduate students who took his courses.”

Hollingsworth said he appreciated that Johnson has always been enthusiastic about his students’ work and took pride in what they did. 

“I once brought up the idea of researching life cycle environmental impacts of shared electric scooters that had just arrived in Raleigh and were often touted to be ‘eco friendly,’” Hollingsworth said. “The conversation was really in passing, and I did not expect anything to come of it. However, he thought it was an excellent idea and would be very timely research. The next thing I knew, we were taking apart an e-scooter to analyze its components, studying the range of e-scooters, learning about the battery life cycles, and ultimately publishing a very successful article about shared e-scooters. This is just an example of the person Dr. Johnson is and how he elevates his students, challenges them, and takes their ideas to heart.”

CCEE Ph.D. candidate Aditya Keskar, who is advised by Johnson, said that he has a deep admiration and respect for the professor.

“Dr. Johnson fundamentally respects students,” Keskar said. “I have never seen his tone or demeanor change when talking to his colleagues versus when talking to students. He knows how to challenge students intellectually, in courses and research, without being condescending or uptight. He makes an effort to learn every student’s name in class and encourages people to contribute to the discussion even when they feel like they have nothing to contribute. His teaching attitude makes his courses a safe and effective learning environment and brings out the best in his students.”