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CCEE Assistant Director of Finance Millie Gilmartin wins 2023 College of Engineering Award for Excellence

Millie Gilmartin

CCEE Assistant Director of Finance Millie Gilmartin won a 2023 College of Engineering Award for Excellence in the Customer Service category. She was recognized at a ceremony on May 2 on NC State’s Centennial Campus, receiving an engraved plaque, eight hours of paid leave, and a cash award. She also became a nominee for the NC State University Awards of Excellence. 

The Awards for Excellence are the most prestigious honor bestowed upon non-faculty employees, according to the College of Engineering. The awards recognize the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of individual employees, above and beyond an employee’s daily job responsibilities.

“Millie has been with CCEE for more than seven years,” said Ginger McGlamery, CCEE’s director of finance and administration. “We are thankful for Millie’s dedication and service to our department!”


During the award ceremony, Jerome Lavelle, associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Engineering, highlighted the importance of Gilmartin’s work to faculty and research administrations at both the College of Engineering and university levels on a daily basis. 

“Millie achieves great success at managing finances for a diverse range of sponsored research projects, providing assistance with fiscal management and answering numerous administrative questions related to sponsored research,” Lavelle said. “Faculty members consistently give feedback about Millie’s performance, noting she ensures compliance with cost accounting standards, university spending guidelines, federal and state regulations, and sponsored terms and conditions — and that’s not easy stuff.”

Lavelle also noted that multiple faculty members commented on Millie’s prompt responses to inquiries and expressed appreciation for her help in managing research funds. 

“Millie’s sense of duty extends beyond her regular responsibilities, as evidenced by her recent action during a previous employee’s health crisis incident,” Lavelle said. “When this incident occurred in the employee’s office on campus, Millie responded quickly, showing genuine care and concern for the individual. She helped to coordinate resources to assist the individual and remain conscientious throughout the crisis. This demonstrates her commitment not only to her job, but also to the wellbeing of her colleagues.”

Watch the full awards ceremony here.