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Graduate student spotlight: Vishal Nanasaheb Randhave

Vishal Nanasaheb Randhave

Vishal Nanasaheb Randhave is a second-year master’s student with a concentration in construction engineering. He is interning at STV Inc. as a roadway design intern and is publications coordinator for the Civil Engineering Graduate Student Association. Randhave is also a member of the Air & Waste Management Association. An international student from India, he is advised by Dr. Kevin Han.


What influenced you to go into engineering?

RANDHAVE (R): It runs in the family. Ever since I was a child, I remember my father bringing plans, contracts and details home to study. The more I learned about it, the more interested I was in civil engineering. After I graduated with a bachelor’s degree, I focused on construction as my specialization. I worked as a field engineer for three years, where I could use my technical knowledge and engineering skills.


What problem(s) are you trying to solve? Why was NC State / CCEE a good fit for you?

R: One of the major issues with construction is adapting to the latest and innovative technology, and I am fascinated to know how it can help to solve problems. NC State has flexible course options, allowing me to choose my courses and integrate my engineering, management and technical courses. This provides me with more opportunities to learn and achieve my goals.


Where did your passion for this particular focus come from?

R: I come from India, which is a fast-paced developing nation. The astonishing growth of infrastructure, marvelous buildings, and its continuous development always amazed me, and increased my interest in civil engineering. My passion and drive for a master’s degree started after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I worked on construction projects and realized how problem-solving abilities and experience are vital in the industry. I am motivated by complex problems, practical applications of my knowledge and all the connections I get to make with different teams.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

R: I see myself working in a construction firm with lots of responsibilities and having decision-making skills that can help change the construction field. Construction and many engineering professions are headed toward digital transformation, and I would like to contribute to making construction more accessible, safer and productive. I want to work in a team environment where I can develop as a professional and take on interesting projects and opportunities leading to success.