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Over 1.4 million views of educational film co-created by Dr. Francis de los Reyes

Have you ever thought about the history of the toilet? Probably not.

CCEE’s Dr. Francis de los Reyes has, and he recently collaborated on a TED-ED video about it. This short animated film, titled “A brief history of toilets” was scripted by de los Reyes and he served as a consultant to the production team.  The film can be found on the TED-Ed site as well as YouTube and with 1.4 million views already, it is helping to raise awareness about the 2.5 billion people on this planet who do not have access to adequate sanitation.



In addition to teaching and researching in our department, de los Reyes leads the NC State Global WaSH cluster. WaSH catalyzes and conducts transformational research and education to serve the water, sanitation, and hygiene needs of marginalized people.

 Find out more about the research de los Reyes and his team conduct.

Francis de los Reyes, center, works with a community in Zambia to test a pit latrine emptying device called the Flexcrevator.