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Study Abroad: Expanding the classroom, expanding minds.

This summer 12 CCEE students are studying for four weeks in Cork, Ireland. This Study Abroad session, held at University College Cork (UCC), includes two courses. Dr. William Rasdorf is teaching CE 301, Surveying, and Steve Welton is teaching CE 426, Steel Design.

Study abroad offers students a chance to earn 6 hours of core course credit, while providing international experiences that empower, build confidence, and offer a chance to view the civil infrastructure of international locations. For example, as part of the surveying course, students visited the UCC astronomical observatory where a historical survey marker, originally used to lay out the city of Cork, is now embedded in the floor.

Samuel Beckett bridge, opened in 2009.
Cast iron pedestrian bridge over River Liffy.

As part of the steel design class, students will observe numerous building trusses and bridges, including Dublin’s famous Millenium bridge over the River Liffy. “We were also able to observe a cast iron pedestrian bridge built in 1816, and contrast it with the Samuel Becket Bridge which opened in 2009,” Welton said. “The configuration of the cables and supports on the newer bridge are inspired by the shape of the harp which is the symbol Ireland.” A visit to the Old Cork Waterworks provided a lesson on hydraulics, while a visit to the Glucksman Gallery on the UCC campus gave the students a chance to view an exhibit on the architecture of significant contemporary Irish buildings.

“Being part of the study abroad trip in Cork, Ireland has given me the opportunity to learn from others about their culture and to explore Ireland as a whole. This is my first time being overseas in another country, and I am really enjoying it.”       Kyle Ryan Hagan

On May 29 the students had a visit from NC State’s Chancellor, Dr. Randy Woodson. The Chancellor was in Ireland to visit UCC officials and took the opportunity to attend a class. Woodson shared his insights on academic and career development, including the value of study abroad programs.

The civil engineering department at NCSU has offered study abroad programs in Nanjing, China (2009), Adelaide and Brisbane, Australia (2010), Hong Kong and Nanjing, China (2012), and also in Prague, Czech Republic (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018).