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To honor and inspire: CCEE establishes Alumni Hall of Fame

The first group of CCEE Hall of Fame inductees was honored at a ceremony on Centennial campus in early November. Shown here are some inductees and their families, as well as family members of posthumous inductees. Photo by Ken Martin

CCEE has established an Alumni Hall of Fame, and the first recipients were inducted at a ceremony on November 3rd. At the induction ceremony, CCEE Department Head Dr. Morton Barlaz reminded the audience that the Civil Engineering curriculum at NC State was established in 1895.

Dr. Morton Barlaz, department head of CCEE, with Dr. Mike Creed.

To date, the department has awarded approximately 10,500 Bachelors of Science degrees, and more than 3,000 Masters and Ph.D. degrees. “Given this long and esteemed history, the department, along with members of the CCEE Industry Advisory Board, decided it was time to create an Alumni Hall of Fame to acknowledge some of our distinguished alumni and permanently commemorate their accomplishments,” Barlaz said.

Heather Denny, CEO of McDonald York Building Company

Heather Denny (BSCE 1995), CEO of McDonald York Building Company, served as the chair of the Hall of Fame Committee. “The idea came about as a way to inspire our current students and faculty, and to celebrate the accomplishment of those extraordinary graduates who have used their education to excel,” Denny added.

The first group of inductees totaled 19 individuals who were previously selected as Distinguished Engineering Alumni (DEA) by the College of Engineering. “Since these individuals have already been named to the highest award offered by the College of Engineering, we knew we wanted them as part of the CCEE Hall of Fame,” Director of Development Lindsay Smith said. “Going forward, we will add 3 to 5 individuals each year through a nomination and review process,” Smith added.

Most nominees were able to attend the ceremony, and many were accompanied by family members. For posthumous awardees, family members of most were present to accept the awards. The year of graduation for inductees ranged from 1929 to 1977. Short biographies for each inductee were read, providing an impressive and diverse list of accomplishments of our CCEE alumni. The bios can be read here.


List of 2017 CCEE Hall of Fame Inductees

Colonel William D. Alexander, III, ’53 (posthumously)

Mr. Stephen F. Angel, BSCE ’77

Mr. Ray Bryan, Jr., BSCON ’53  (posthumously)

Mr. Jimmy D. Clark, BSCE ’74

Dr. Michael W. Creed, BSCE ’74, MSCE ’84

Mr. Glenn E. Futrell, BSCE ’63, MSCE ’65

Mr. Paul N. Howard, Jr., BSCE ’45 (posthumously)

Mr. Johnie Hooper Jones, BSCON  ’53 (posthumously)

Mr. James F. Kelly, BSCE ’44 (posthumously)

Dr. T. William Lambe, BSCE ’42 (posthumously)

Mrs. Barbara H. Mulkey, BSCE ’77, MSCE ’84

Mr. B. D. Rodgers, Jr., BSCE ’49 (posthumously)

Mr. W. Tilford Smith, BSCE ’29 (posthumously)

Dr. Eli Sternberg, BSCE ’41, Dr of .Humanities. ’63 (posthumously)

Ms. Pamela B. Townsend, BSCE ’84, MSCE ’87

Mr. Ed Vick, BSCE ’56, MSCE ’60 (posthumously)

Dr. C. Michael Walton, MCE ’69, Ph.D. CE ’71

Mr. Robert G. Wright, BSCON ’68

Mr. G. Smedes York, BSCE ’63, Dr of .Humanities’ 09