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Dr. Barlaz Recognized as Distinguished University Professor

The following excerpt is from the College of Engineering; please click here to read the full article.

Dr. BarlazDr. Morton A. Barlaz, head of the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (CCEE) at North Carolina State University, has been named a Distinguished University Professor by Dr. Louis Martin-Vega, dean of the College of Engineering.

Barlaz has been a part of the NC State faculty for 26 years and has served as department head in CCEE since 2010.

Barlaz has established an internationally recognized research program that covers several aspects of solid waste engineering and management. Throughout his career, he has worked to elucidate biological and chemical processes in landfills and their applications to waste decomposition, methane generation and utilization for energy, and long-term landfill management. In addition, he has led research on the use of life-cycle analysis to evaluate the cost, environmental emissions and energy requirements of alternatives for the management of municipal solid waste. Models that he has developed with colleagues have been adopted by the U.S. EPA for the environmental assessment of solid waste management strategies.

Faculty members who earn the title of Distinguished University Professor at NC State must meet several criteria including improving the quality of NC State and serving its mission through service and involvement in the campus community.

A candidate for the title “must be an outstanding faculty member or potential faculty member who has achieved recognition well above the criteria for full professor and be considered one of the best scholars in the discipline,” according to the university’s policies.