Post-Doctoral Research Scientists

Current Graduate Students

  • Hemant Kumar – PhD – Food-Energy-Water Nexus
  • Jessica Levey – PhD – Hydrologic Extremes Forecasting and Water Management
  • Hart Henrichsen (Co-advised with Dr. Ranjithan) – PhD – Urban Flood Estimation using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Methods
  • Kichul Bae – PhD – Flood Frequency Analyses
  • Jiheun Kim – PhD – Climate Downscaling using AI methods

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Contact me if you have good programming and data analysis skills

Group Alumni (Name -Degree obtained – Current Position)

  • Anderson de Queiroz Research Assistant Professor – Faculty, North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC.
  • Tushar SinhaResearch Assitant Professor – Faculty, Texas A&M University, Kingsville, TX.
  • Amirhossein Mazrooei – Powell Center Fellow, PhD, MS – Associate Scientist III, UCAR, Boulder, CO.
  • Chandramauli PhD – Hydroclimatic Extremes – Analysis and Modeling over the US, Post-doc at USGS and NC State
  • Lucas Ford PhD – Climate-Water-Energy Nexus, Software Engineer at BotBuilt, Durham, NC
  • Dol Raj ChalisePhD – Reservoir Operation for Ecological Flow Needs
  • Sudarshana Mukhopadhyay PhD – S2S Streamflow Forecasting and Reservoir Management, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
  • Dominic LiberaPhD – Climate Forecasts and Water Quality Modeling, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Hydrologist at US Fish and Wildlife Service, Raleigh, NC
  • Seung Beom SeoPhD – Near-term Climate Change and Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction, Faculty University of Seoul, Seoul, Korea.
  • Rajarshi BhowmikPhD – Uncertainty Reduction in CMIP5 Decadal Hindcasts and Projections,DST-INSPIRE faculty, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • Jason PatskoskiPhD, MS – Utility of Tree Rings and Future Climate Change Projections in Reservoir Sizing.
  • Weihua LiPhD, MCE – Uncertainty Reduction in Hydrologic Modeling and Regional Water Management Utilizing Inter-basin Transfer, Now Consultant, World bank, Washington DC.
  • Hui WangPhD – Utilizing multi-time scale streamflow for promoting water sustainability, Research Engineer, Tampa Bay Water, Tampa, FL.
  • Naser AlmanaseerPhD – Climate, Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions over the Southeast US, Faculty, Al-Balqa Applied University, Al-Salt, Jordan.
  • Jeseung OhPhD – Role of Climate and Streamflow Variability on Nutrient Variability in Streams and Rivers over the Southeastern US.
  • Naresh Devineni PhD, MS – Seasonal Hydroclimatology of the Continental United States: Forecasting and its Relevance to Water Management, Faculty, City University of New York, New York, NY.
  • Bandar AlmutariMS – Climate-Water-Energy Nexus: Utility of Climate Forecasts in Improving Seasonal Operations of Power Generation and Desalination Plants.
  • Harminder SinghMS – Systematic Uncertainty Reduction in Streamflow Forecasts Development, currently Engineer at Wetherill Engineering, Raleigh, NC.
  • Aimee BellaMCE – Climate Informed Reservoir Management for the Tana River Basin, Kenya, Now Consultant, African Development Bank, Tunis, Tunisia.
  • Kurt GolembeskyMCE – Improved Management of Falls Lake Reservoir during the Summer Season using Climate Information based Monthly Streamflow Forecasts: Role of Restrictions in Water supply and Water Quality Management, Now Engineer, NC FLood Plain Mapping Program, NCDENR, Raleigh.
  • Weihua LiMCE – Hydrologic Model Combinations – Performance Evaluation under Homoscedastic and Heteoscedastic Error conditions.
  • Thomas Peterson –  BS – Monthly water balance modeling over the continental United States, MIT.
  • Brianne WalkerBS – Climate-Water-Energy over the Eastern US.
  • Andrew SnyderBS (Meteorology) – Moisture, energy and land surface storage controls on the seasonality of streamflow in the continental U.S.