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CPT Instructions

Please read the information on the OIS website regarding CPTs:
OIS CPT Information

Instructions and information for students applying for CPT within the department:


  1. Plan of Work must be approved.
  2. The student must be registered for the following term.
  3. The employment letter must include the following before being approved:
    1. Job Title
    2. Job Description
    3. Salary*
    4. Number of Hours Worked per Week
    5. Specific Work Location (full physical address)
    6. Start & End Date
    7. Name of direct supervisor
  4. Any CPT request for a full academic term (fall or spring semester) must include a monitoring plan developed by the student and adviser submitted with the CPT application.

    *An hourly salary of $18.00 is a reasonable rate.  Anything lower and the student should negotiate with the hiring supervisor.

    CPT Applications for Fall and/or Spring term are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  The review process takes many factors into account and is highly individual.

    CPTs are a privilege and not a right.