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Sample Agenda for Initial Mentor Meeting

  1. Introductions: Get to know one another
    1. Share your personal and professional history
    2. Swap stories about your NC State CCEE experience. Identifying points of connection will begin to establish a shared rapport.
    3. Use the Icebreaker Exercise listed in the Mentee Guidelines section. This is a set of questions that you can use to guide a conversation with your mentor to get to know one another better.
  2. Discuss your expectations for your mentorship relationship
    1. What do we each want to get out of this partnership?
    2. What does mentoring look like to you? How do you envision this relationship playing out?
  3. Set your goals for your mentorship relationship
    1. Articulating clear goals is critical to the success of your partnership. Take this time during your first meeting to brainstorm your goals.
    2. Be sure you understand what a SMART Goal is and double-check that your goals are clearly expressed and attainable with this worksheet and checklist.
    3. Once you and your mentor have written your goals, construct an email to send to your mentor to have them validate it to ensure you both are on the same page.
  4. Schedule your next meeting
    1. Be sure that you’ve exchanged relevant contact information like email address, phone number, or Zoom info.
    2. Perhaps schedule a series of meetings (monthly, every six weeks, etc.) so you’ll have a built-in forcing function to ensure you do the work in between meetings.
    3. Get excited! You and your mentor are off to a great start.