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EWC Faculty

Faculty in Environmental, Water Resources, and Coastal Engineering

  • Sankar Arumugam
    hydroclimatology, water management, uncertainty reduction in hydrologic modeling, environmental impacts assessment
  • Tarek Aziz
    environmental process engineering, waste to energy, life cycle analysis
  • Morton A. Barlaz
    sold waste management, decomposition in landfills, life-cycle analysis
  • Emily Berglund
    water resources management, systems analysis, evolutionary computation, complex adaptive systems
  • Robert C. Borden
    water resources, groundwater contaminations
  • E. Downey Brill Jr.
    environmental systems analysis, modeling, optimization
  • Doug Call
    water-energy nexus, resource recovery from wastewater, microbial electrochemistry, salinity-gradient energy
  • Francis L. de los Reyes III
    environmental biotechnology, biological processes, wastewater treatment
  • Joseph DeCarolis
    energy systems modeling, uncertainty quantification, climate change mitigation
  • Casey Dietrich
    coastal hydrodynamics, large-scale modeling of coastal hazards, finite elements, high performance computing
  • Joel J. Ducoste
    environmental processes, water and wastewater treatment, CFD
  • Billy Edge
    sustainable engineering practices in the coastal environment, coastal engineering, dredging technology, coastal zone management, hydraulic engineering, modeling of coastal processes
  • H. Christopher Frey
    air pollution emissions, prevention, and control, measurement and modeling of onroad and nonroad vehicle emissions, exposure and risk analysis, variability and uncertainty, modeling and evaluation of energy systems
  • Mohammed (Mo) A. Gabr
    geoenvironmental engineering, geosynthetics, physicochemical phenomena of soils, groundwater control, use of waste byproducts in mass applications, waste containment and confinement
  • Andrew P. Grieshop
    air pollution, atmospheric aerosols, characterization of combustion sources, air pollution exposure assessment, links between air pollution and climate change
  • Detlef R. U. Knappe
    drinking water treatment, adsorption processes, oxidation processes, emerging contaminants
  • Jim Levis
    systems analysis, LCA, solid waste management
  • G. (Kumar) Mahinthakumar
    large scale modeling of subsurface flow and transport, parallel and distributed computing, optimization and inverse problems, water distribution system analysis
  • Dan Obenour
    water quality and watershed modeling, environmental forecasting, geospatial modeling, uncertainty quantification
  • Margery F. Overton
    coastal engineering, coastal processes and landform change, short and long term hazard identification including climate change
  • Alejandra Ortiz
    coastal geomorphology, modeling of coastal processes and landscape change, sea-level rise implications on different coasts, and coastal engineering
  • S. Ranji Ranjithan
    water resources, infrastructure systems, sustainability and resilience, systems analysis, mathematical modeling, optimization, evolutionary computation