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Caldwell Fellows highlights CCEE graduating senior

Throughout the last four years of academic and personal championship, the Caldwell Fellows class of 2024 has finally crossed the finish line of their undergraduate studies, marking the beginning of their new lives outside of NC State University. We are proud to congratulate these graduating seniors on their accomplishments and perseverance, for triumphing the ups and downs of life, and for embodying the mission and vision of the Caldwell Fellows Program – to create the next generation of global-minded leaders.

The program highlighted graduating seniors in a recent feature, including CCEE graduate Jake Parrot.

Jake Parrot

Parrot graduated with a bachelor’s in civil engineering. He is an exceptionally well-rounded individual who immersed himself in several aspects of campus life, from living in the Arts Village (an on-campus housing sector dedicated to young artists), to his involvement with the marching band group, NC State Power Sound of the South. Parrot’s commitment to his discipline and studies even led him to the honorable position of representing NC State at an International competition for seismic design hosted by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). Parrot gained a broad perspective and cultural enrichment through the support of our program by exploring Washington, D.C., with his peers, performing in England with the NC State marching band, and even investing in a personal French horn. Parrot will go on to work as a Bridge Designer at Gannett Fleming engineering firm in Raleigh, North Carolina and he hopes this experience will help him align his energy to pursue a master’s in structural engineering, through which he aims to further his impact on the field.

The story was first published by Caldwell Fellows News.