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Incoming CCEE student tapped as Goodnight Scholar

Aidan Carpenter

Incoming CCEE student Aidan Carpenter was among 50 students from 31 North Carolina counties named as Goodnight Scholars Program Class of 2027 Scholarship recipients.

The students participated in a thorough selection process over the spring semester, which included an application and interview with a volunteer committee consisting of current and former NC State faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as industry representatives from SAS. 

The Goodnight Scholarship is valued at $23,000 per year for up to four years ($92,000) for traditional students. The cohorts receive access to a comprehensive student development program that includes weekly programming, exclusive travel opportunities, and enrichment grant funding.

The class of 2027 demonstrated exceptional accomplishments during their respective high school careers including stellar academic achievement, exemplary extracurricular involvement, change-centered civic engagement, and inspiring goals for success in the STEM and STEM education fields. The class of 2027 features students with impressive accolades including Science Olympiad winners, national robotics captains, varsity athletes, memberships on the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, and participation in the Governor’s School of North Carolina.

Carpenter will graduate from McDowell High School, where they were involved in the Titan’s marching band as the alto saxophone section leader. Carpenter was also involved in serving as a volunteer staff member at Teen Valley Ranch, a local summer Christian camp. Carpenter plans to major in construction engineering.


This story was originally published in Goodnight Scholarships News.