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Civil engineering student Wyat Hamilton receives honorable mention for original play “Lethean”

Wyat Hamilton

Civil engineering student Wyat Hamilton received an honorable mention in the theatre category of the 2022-23 NC State Creative Artist Awards for his play “Lethean.”

The honorable mention plays will receive readings, and the audience will be asked to share their experience with the playwrights.

“Lethean” is set in the Greek mythological Underworld following the story of a soul who has lost all memory of their life and therefore cannot be sorted to their eternal place. This soul sets out in search of their memories, looking for those who might have known them when they were living, meeting the characters of the Underworld, in the hopes of finding out who they were and how they lived.

“[This approach], I think, puts into more perspective the more individual lives we lead rather than the big picture,” Hamilton said in an interview with NC State’s student newspaper The Technician. “So many stories focus on the chosen one … the hero’s journey [where] you have to stop this big thing that’s happening. What if we just didn’t focus on the big thing that’s happening? What if we just talk about some guy’s life impacted by the big thing that’s happening?”

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