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Dr. Ali Hajbabaie interviewed on CBS 17

CCEE associate professor Dr. Ali Hajbabaie was recently interviewed on CBS 17 about his research on increasing the safety of self-driving cars. Hajbabaie and other CCEE researchers are utilizing software to simulate different scenarios and show potential capabilities of self-driving cars.

“It takes some time to adopt a new technology, because first we need to trust it,” Hajbabaie said in the interview.

Hajbabaie is interested in real-time optimization of large-scale complex engineering systems represented by models with a high degree of realism. His research is focused on traffic operations and control in the presence of connected human-driven and self-driving cars. Hajbabaie and his research group use multi-scale analysis, modeling, and optimization to improve traffic operations. His research is advancing our understanding of cooperative traffic control systems and contributes to the development of future mobility systems, including connected and automated vehicles.

Watch the video here.