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What is Exposure to Air Pollution: Professor Chris Frey provides a short introduction to the science of air pollutant exposure

CCEE Professor Chris Frey is a key contributor to a project called “Personalised Real-Time Air Quality Informatics System for Exposure – Hong Kong” (PRAISE-HK). PRAISE-HK, led by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) where Frey serves as an adjunct professor, is a pioneering effort to develop a comprehensive system for measuring and modeling human exposure to air pollution for a major city.

CCEE Professor Chris Frey featured in YouTube video created by PRAISE-HK

The project recently released a video featuring Frey. In the program Frey introduces traditional air quality monitoring stations, and the latest technology on portable air quality sensors. Frey gives viewers comprehensive knowledge on identifying exposure factors, and how to implement field measurements in order to provide solutions to reduce personal exposure in both the short and long term

More about PRAISE-HK can be found here.