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Update on our new home! Fitts-Woolard Hall construction progress

Fitts-Woolard Hall aerial taken November 18th, 2018.  Photo provided by Clark Nexsen and SkySite Images.

Construction of Fitts-Woolard Hall, our new home on Centennial Campus, is about one third complete. Groundbreaking occurred in April of 2018, and in mid- December the official “topping out” will occur when the last steel beam is placed. Plans are for the department to begin the Fall 2020 semester in the new space.

At an informational session about the building held on December 3rd, representatives from NC State Facilities; the College of Engineering; Clark Nexsen, the Architectural & Engineering Firm; and Skanska, the Construction Project Management firm shared information about the design and construction of building. You can find out more, as well as see renderings of the exterior and the interior spaces, here.

If you are interested in attending an informational session, there are two more scheduled. One will be held on January 22,2019 at 7:45 AM and another on March 7th at 12:00 PM.  Find out more, and register here. (Registration will be available as the events get closer.)

Below are a few more photos from the job site. These photos provided compliments of Dr. David Johnston.

8/28/18 Elevated concrete second floor construction underway.
9/4/18 Elevated concrete 2nd floor about 50%, steel framing erection for floors 3, 4, and roof started at north end.
10/9/18 Elevated concrete 2nd floor in final stages of forming; steel frame erection well underway.
11/27/18 Elevated concrete 2nd floor complete, steel framing nearing completion at south end. Remaining concrete is only the slabs on grade, various pits, landscape items and slabs on metal deck.