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Dietrich aiding efforts to forecast flooding during Hurricane Florence

Utilizing computational models that combine data regarding storm speed, size, track, and wind speed, Dr. Casey Dietrich has been working with collaborators to share coastal flooding predictions with NC Emergency Management. “We are sharing predictions at very high resolution, down to neighborhoods or even individual homes, about Florence’s potential effects on water levels and flooding,” Dietrich said. “Our partners are using the predictions as part of their decision-making and guidance to people throughout coastal North Carolina.”
Model predictions of winds and water levels during Hurricane Arthur (2014).

Find a link to the current forecasts here.

Find out more about the work of the Coastal and Computational Hydraulics Team which Dietrich leads here.  Over the past several days as Hurricane Florence approached, they deployed wave gauges along the Carolina coast to collect data about how the waves and storm surge are attenuated across the barrier islands. You can see video and photos of their current work related to Hurricane Florence.