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Rudi Seracino Takes on Role of Committee on International Programs Chair

Rudolf “Rudi” Seracino, Professor and Associate Head for undergraduate programs in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, takes over as chair of the University Standing Committee on International Programs (CIP) at NC State this fall. CIP has many roles, which include advising and consulting the Office of International Affairs and the Provost’s Office on matters relating to international programs, as well as reviewing and recommending policies, regulations, and administrative measures related to international programs.

For Seracino, it’s important students see what’s beyond their local community – and for civil engineers, study abroad experience is particularly useful because it creates context for their work: “It makes them better civil engineers,” says Seracino. “It makes them appreciate the impact of our designs and decisions on societies. Different societies perceive things in different ways sometimes.”

Along with an effort to get more students in study abroad, Seracino wants to facilitate opportunities for creating and fostering strategic partnerships by leveraging the collaborations that already exist. Seracino also believes that faculty need to be drivers of internationalization. “OIA’s role is to initiate and create some of the opportunities, play a supporting role, but in the end these goals or objectives… can’t be achieved unless the faculty step up and do the work,” says Seracino.

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