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Dr. Barlaz Receives Pohland Medal from AEESP

Dr. Morton Barlaz was awarded the 2015 Frederick George Pohland Medal from the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP). This honor, in remembrance of Dr. Frederick G. Pohland, is awarded annually to an individual who has made sustained and outstanding efforts to bridge environmental engineering research, education, and practice.

Dr. Barlaz has established an internationally recognized research program that covers two key areas of solid waste management (SWM): (1) biological and chemical processes in landfills, and (2) the application of life-cycle assessment to the analysis of solid waste management systems. His research has been utilized by both regulatory agencies and industry and is having a strong positive impact on engineering practice in the solid waste arena at the national level. It is clear that throughout his career, Dr. Barlaz has made sustained and outstanding efforts in bridging environmental engineering research and practice.