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CCEE MS Oral Exam Information & Process

Process of Scheduling the Exam:

Submit a completed Request to Schedule MS Oral Exam form to the Graduate Program Office. by emailing it to Jodie at least two weeks before the exam date.  Email the form to Jodie (

INCLUDE ON THE FORM THE FOLLOWING (or email this information to Jodie):

  • Date of exam (Month, day, year)
  • Time of exam
  • Title of thesis
  • Do you want to reserve a conference room?

NOTE: The Program Director is Prof. Ranji Ranjithan.

  1. The Graduate Plan of Work must be submitted and approved before the Request to Schedule will be approved by either the DGP or the Graduate School.  Information can be found here:  Plan of Work Info & FAQ.
  2. Approval Process of the plan of work once turned in to the Graduate Services Coordinator (Jodie)
    1. Student’s Advisor (Chair)
      1. If thesis/dissertation:  Advisory Committee + Chair(s)
    2. DGP (Director of Graduate Programs),
    3. Graduate School.
  3. Once fully approved, the GSC (Jodie) creates a calendar event that is sent to the student and committee.  This calendar event includes the link to the Exam Report Form for the advisory committee to be completed after the conclusion of the exam.
  4. Once all members have signed the electronic form, the Graduate School will update your exam status in the MyPack Portal.

Exam Results

Conditional Pass: additional work is needed to satisfy the advisory committee for an unconditional pass.  A deadline needs to be indicated on the exam report by which conditions must be met.  Once conditions are met, the committee chair will send an email to the GSC ( stating the student has met the conditions and now has an unconditional pass on the final oral exam.  The student should at that point submit the ETD and apply to graduate.

Unconditional Pass:  the advisory committee is satisfied with the exam results and no additional work will be required from the student to pass the exam.  The student should immediately apply to graduate and submit the thesis document by the graduation deadline.

Once an unconditional Pass is received, students should become familiar with the information here:  ETD Process

ETD Information for Thesis/Dissertation Students:

ETD Web Page

ETD Deadlines

ETD Submission Process – Explains how the ETD deadlines work and provides scenarios of what deadlines to meet when you are planning to graduate.

Comprehensive Exams (Graduate Handbook)


Request to Schedule

Inter-institutional Committee Member Appointment

Process Guideline to Processing a Request To Schedule Master Oral Exams – This is actually a good guide/checklist.